Jan 12, 23
  • Uzaje makes it easy for beverage manufacturers to switch to reuse, with no need to change packaging, labels or the packaging process.
  • Destick is a machine adapted to most glass bottle formats, upstream of Uzaje's bottle washing process.
  • Reuse is an alternative to the purchase of new bottles, the supply of which is becoming increasingly complex, and a solution for meeting the objectives of the AGEC law.


Neuilly-sur-Marne, January 12, 2023. Uzaje, a company specializing in the industrial washing of containers for reuse, has been supporting food industry catering players in their transition since 2019. Today, Uzaje presents its machine that removes labels from Destick bottles, to meet the needs of industrialists and make reuse the Alternative to single-use packaging in France.


Technology to boost bottle recycling

Uzaje has developed a machine that removes the conventional labels used in the single-use sector. Destick is integrated into the bottle washing line already operational since early 2021. This new process optimizes the efficiency of industrial bottle washing: +98% of labels are removed without damaging or scratching the bottles.


Meeting the challenges of the beverage industry

This machine has been designed to make it easier for beverage manufacturers and packagers to switch to reuse, by removing the last remaining obstacles to their transition.

Customers who entrust bottle washing to Uzaje benefit from its advantages:

  • The machine is compatible with glass bottles with a maximum diameter of 90 mm and a maximum height of 315 mm.
  • The machine removes by mechanical action any label
  • Customers switch to reuse without changing their packaging processes or their packaging and labelling.

This service also responds to the growing demand for reuse in the market:

  • Responds to new consumer habits: 9 out of 10 French people are in favor of introducing deposits for beverage packaging1
  • Anticipates legislation up to 2025 concerning industrial reuse:
    • 3R Decree: target of 20% reduction in single-use plastic, of which 50% through reuse (in tonnage) by 2025€.
    • Reuse decree (AGEC law): target of 5% of packaging reused (for companies with sales > 20M) and 7% (for companies with sales > 50M) by 2025.
  • Offers a secure solution in the face of supply uncertainties and raw material costs. 1 liter of reused glass can be up to 30% cheaper than a litre of wasted glass2.

1Shopper trends study, 2021

2 Economic impact study of reuse Uzajefunded by ADEME and CITEO, carried out by KeaPartners, 2020


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