Our commitments

Uzaje is a Social and Solidarity Economy company whose mission is to facilitate the transition to sustainable packaging.
All its labels testify to its economic, social and environmental impact in making reuse accessible, preserving the environment and contributing to professional integration.

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Through its statutes, Uzaje has affirmed its priority: to put its impact objectives at the same level as its economic profitability. A set of specific criteria applies to companies in the Social and Solidarity Economy. 

Twice a year, Uzaje organizes an EHS committee with the support of two qualified external experts.

pierre viard

Pierre Viard

Manager sustainable local economies
stephanie morisset

Stéphanie Morisset

Circular economy & SSE project manager
The objectives of the EHS Committee?
  • Provide guidance on various types of strategic decisions (development, impact enhancement)
  • Issue recommendations on social, societal and environmental impact
  • Participate in drafting a report on Uzaje's environmental and social performance
  • Define progress indicators
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Inclusion and diversity

We have obtained ESUS (Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale) accreditation in June 2021 following our commitments to fight social, economic and cultural exclusion and inequality via reintegration.

Our aim is to integrate operators from the workforce integration program at all our sites.

Our Neuilly-sur-Marne headquarters is located in a priority employment zone in Seine Saint-Denis (93).


Uzaje has already won several awards for its activities that contribute to the preservation of resources and for its ecological action on the environment.

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In 2021, we obtained B-corp certification. B-corp certification is awarded to companies whose business model integrates social, societal and environmental objectives.


Uzaje has been recognized by SolarImpulse as one of the 1,000 solutions for saving the planet.


Our CSR strategy

 Uzaje has implemented a CSR strategy with the aim of achieving its impact objectives.  

To achieve this, Uzaje is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. They respond to the global challenges facing companies. They represent a recognized standard for measuring impact and monitoring CSR.

Uzaje contributes to 3 Sustainable Development Goals


12.5 Reuse reduces the production of single-use packaging waste

13.2 Reuse as a lever for reducing GHG emissions from the production of single-use packaging

8.3 Reuse generates local jobs that are sustainable, non-displaceable and respectful of people.