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Eliminate single-use packaging?
It's possible with Uzaje

We provide foodservice professionals and food manufacturers with solutions enabling them to eliminate packaging and consumption waste through container cleaning and change management.

Our Uzaje offers

Industrial cleaning for container reuse

We have expertise in cleaning for reuse, thanks to industrial tools and processes that enable us to pool and wash a variety of container formats and materials for several sectors of activity: bottles, stainless steel containers, jars, dishes, cutlery, bowls, crates, secondary packaging, etc. in stainless steel, glass or durable plastic.

Customized support

We put our knowledge to work for our customers to make reuse a reality. We support our customers in their thinking and in the implementation of their reuse loop adapted to their organization.

Our cleaning facilities are efficient and optimized to consume as little energy and water as possible. We ensure impeccable hygiene by following the HACCP method.

We offer reusable packaging to ensure impeccable sanitary quality for the consumer.

We efficiently implement reuse on your sites.

We offer deposit solutions that ensure a high return rate and strong customer loyalty.

Our experience enables us to help you effectively implement re-employment in your company.

Social and Solidarity Economy Company

Our impact, a reality!

+ 0 tons
of waste avoided in 2022
- 0 tons
CO2 equivalent avoided in 2022
+ 0
In R&D since 2019

Our certifications guarantee our level of environmental, economic and social impact.

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Vous êtes chef de projet emballage, directeur RSE, PDG d’une entreprise de produits de grande consommation, chef de projet restauration dans une collectivité et vous avez entamé un processus de questionnements autour de la transition vers moins de déchets dans votre structure.
Chez Uzaje, un chef de projet spécialisé dans votre secteur d’activité répond à vos questions et vous accompagne dans votre processus.

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