May 22, 22

Brut makes a video about Uzaje!

The deposit box takes center stage! Thank you Brut. for giving us the chance to have our say on the subject. Check out the video 📹 on the occasion of ChangeNOW weekend, an event highlighting impact solutions for tomorrow's more virtuous consumption! Thanks to Ideel Garden, producer of meals in...
Apr 21, 22

Video of reuse in the fast-food industry

reuse? It's a circular loop! Find out how to successfully reuse in the fast food industry 🥤 🥡 --> 🍹 🍽️ in pictures 👇 What about you? Are you a caterer, fast food manager, restaurant chain manager, salad bar manager...? Uzaje helps you succeed...
Feb 06, 22

A city switches to reuse in its school canteens

City of AvignonCity in the Vaucluse region of the Var department (84), with 460,000 inhabitantsCustomer expectationsChange to stainless steel containers in school catering from 2022 and avoid the use of plastic trays and bagsPotential implications: heavy work and investment if in-house washingAlternative: Launch the 1st public tender in France for a food...