Nov 25, 22

Every year, fast food generates over 183,000 tonnes of packaging in France (*source MTE) 🍟🍕🥡

That's why, at Uzaje, we've built offers specifically aimed at restaurateurs to reduce the use of single-use packaging at their point of sale through reuse. 💧💧💧

In concrete terms, we wash bowls, cutlery, cups, jars, etc. in our centers, which are then reused by our customers.

Reuse has a direct impact on waste production, but also on the environment: less carbon impact, less use of fossil resources. 🌱🌿

With 1 month to go before the #agec law for restaurateurs comes into force, reuse is emerging as one of the most relevant alternatives to eliminating single-use packaging when serving at fast-food outlets. 🏛

Other players in the Plaine Commune area are committed to the EWWR, see here: http: //

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