Sep 10, 21

2 players behind the project

The project organize an efficient circuit for reusing glass containers for a range of products selected and sold by a network of 5 Super U stores in Brittany: Rennes, Sarah Bernard, Craon, Châteaugiron, Mordelles, Guichen.

6-month trial starting March 1.

Objectives : validate consumer appetite, economic viability and operational feasibility of reuse loops.

Creating a re-use loop in supermarkets

Containers are collected from U supermarkets, washed by Uzaje and returned to producers for reconditioning.

The brands and products concerned are identified in store as reusable.

  • Containers are non-returnable, and are returned on a voluntary basis.
  • Customers can return the containers to any Super U

Uzaje takes care of washing the containers and returning them to the producers.

Manufacturers involved in the program

  • 11 project partners, container/bottle types and 160 products
  • Private label products & national producers

How were the packaging materials chosen? 

  • Glass
  • Sales volumes
  • Large capacities
  • Focus Bio
  • References in major product categories

Two in-store collection systems: Meuble & Machine

Collecting cabinet
RVM machine

4 stores: Chateaugiron, Craon, Guichen & Mordelle, Rennes Sarah Bernardt & Craon