Sep 10, 21

Laiterie de la Chapelle The first cheese producer in Paris. Collect milk directly from nearby dairy farmers, process and mature cheeses and raw-milk products on site (whole milk, yoghurts, etc.).

Problem: make dairy products in short circuits & reduce waste

The project with Uzaje: organize the collection of dirty containers (jars and bottles) and the delivery of clean containers.

  • Glass containers
  • Zero waste logistics with reusable crates

Uzaje's added value to the project

  • Steering: preliminary launch discussions, project diagnosis, reflection on a collection model and wash logistics, analysis and measurement of economic, social and environmental impact;
  • Expanding the offer: we're thinking about collecting drinks in-store, and developing waste packaging adapted to delivery: adapted crates for jars & bottles;
  • Technical and logistical: organization of bottle delivery/collection by pallet, washing service specifications, identification, transport;
  • Implementation of the offer: support and in-store presence (consumer information), delivery of collection boxes, briefing of team members, proposal of incentives to encourage the return of containers.

Illustration of the reuse loop

Feedback after 5 months

Contract start date: February 2021
Feedback: June 2021

  • 1 collection per week
  • + 35 000 containers washed overall

Impact of reuse

Impact economic

  • Re-use saves money compared to buying new jars, and enables more regular management of supplies (reduction of safety stock);
  • Consumers ready for re-use. A differentiated, high-quality offer that builds loyalty;
  • Pasteurized glass containers enable long use-by-dates, thus reducing food waste. Zero waste.

Impact environmental

  • Tens of tons of glass waste avoided through reuse every year. Tens of thousands of cartons avoided thanks to collection boxes;
  • Up to 25% water savings and 3/4 energy savings thanks to washing versus recycling (ADEME data);
  • Short circuit: Dairy located in Paris (18th), 20km from the washing center of Neuilly-sur-Marne.

Social impact

  • Job creation in the ESS (Social and Solidarity Economy) and ESUS structures of the Uzaje washing centers.

In the press

  • France 2 report on glass deposits and the various initiatives that exist in France. Zoom on the system implemented at the La Chapelle dairy since February 2021 at 19min22. Watch the video.