15 Mar, 20
Objective: to test consumer commitment to a glass container re-use circuit for a range of products selected and sold by the Scarabée Biocoop cooperative - a network of 9 stores in and around Rennes.

Context: consumer demand for initiatives aimed at reducing the use of single-use plastic and disposability is growing. The result of a meeting between three committed players: La Coopérative Scarabée, Triballat Noyal and Uzaje, the desire was born to develop a collaborative packaging reuse project via the Greater West regional ecosystem.

Take Me Home" offer

On a selection of products - yoghurts, jams, ready meals, soups, etc. - we collect the glass packaging so that it can be reused. - we collect glass packaging so that it can be reused. The products are identified on the shelves by the words "rapportez-moi" ("bring me back"), stickers are available for customers to identify the items at home, and a dedicated collection area has been set up in each store. No deposit is required; the return of packaging is based on the voluntary contribution of customers who wish to support the program and do something for the environment.

Each of the participating producers has undertaken to repackage their products in the clean containers we send them:


Collection areas have been set up in each store to enable customers to drop off their dirty containers. Washing is carried out in partnership with La Feuille d'Erable, a social integration enterprise located on average 8 km from the stores, and therefore as close as possible to the point of consumption. The containers are then redistributed to producers, always as close as possible to the washing site.

The container circuit

Producer commitment: from plastic to glass with Tante Hélène

Triballat Noyal changed the packaging of its Tante Hélène 400g yoghurt pot from plastic to reusable glass in order to assess consumer acceptance of the offer. The company set up a rapid internal innovation process to be ready for the launch of the project; an informative label was developed especially for the project.

Olivier CLANCHIN, President of Triballat Noyal: "Our company has always dared to innovate, to make a commitment and to try the adventure of organic farming, plants and social responsibility. After a first unsuccessful solo attempt at the deposit in 2015, we were lucky enough to meet the founders of Uzaje in 2019. Today, we're delighted to be attempting the adventure again as a team, combining our motivations, skills and resources so that, together, we can bring this best practice of the past up to date.

Benoît Van Ossel, CEO of Côteaux Nantais: "At Côteaux Nantais, we believe that everyone has the right to healthy food. Our encounter with UZAJE and the co-construction work we've done with our business friends and partners have enabled us to make our container reuse project a reality. Our teams and our consumers are helping us to get the ball rolling, and are pushing us to play an active part in this experiment."

Uzaje's added value to the project

  • Steering : organizing the ecosystem around Scarabée Biocoop and Triballat Noyal, running meetings and monitoring progress.
  • Packaging advice: identification of different containers, choice of product range and discussion with producers for gradual standardization, advice on labeling to facilitate reuse.
  • Expanding the range of products and services on offer: gradual integration of national and local manufacturers into the project.
  • Technical and logistical: identification of an on-site washing partner (La Feuille d'Erable), adaptation of the washing line to the needs of HACCP packaging reuse and production of washing specifications.
  • Setting up the offer: training Scarabée teams, working together on communications, in-store briefings, installation of collection tills, customer information.

The project in the press