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  • Franprix : Reuse for commercial catering

    Goal :  asses throwable packaging’s substitution by glass ones at Franprix’s “snacking corner” as part of their  project to reduce plastic packaging.


    [Experimentation from September 2019 to March 2020, program for reuse supported by CITEO.]

    In-store offer – Self service product

    The project is part of Franprix’s program : “why throw packaging when you can reuse it ? “. Consumers can choose between durable or throwable packaging  for the same price over two catering offers.


    Self-service product : consumers choose what they want to eat and their desired quantity.



    Pre-packaged products : consumers pick products from the shelf.


    Dirty packaging collection

    The collection of sustainable packaging is based on voluntary contribution, consumers can eat-in or take their products away and bring them back later on. As a first step, Franprix didn’t ask for packaging deposit management for reuse.


    Collection box are available in the snacking corner. Those box are collected by Fraichement Bon (fresh sliced fruits producer) during his daily delivery at Franprix’s and sent to our closest cleaning center.




    Franprix sets up dedicated communication to bring exposure to the project and support consumers in their new consumption circuit.



    Packaging reuse scheme

    We organise a reuse scheme that suits each shop’s availability, location and opportunities. Uzaje washes dirty packaging in its cleaning centre located in l’Haÿ les Roses (near de Rungis), to stay close to consumption location.



    Uzaje’s added value in the projet

    Uzaje’s role has been essential at different stages of the project.






    Field results

    Massive support from consumers
    High exposure for Uzaje
    Efficient logistic from/to the stores

    Franprix requested to extend the offer to 100 stores, constraints to be lifted:

    Consumer survey

    Survey conducted on 163 customers at Reaumur’s store,  form September 21st to October 1st 2019.

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